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Professional Learning Teachers Want and Need

February 4, 2019| Allison Miller, Carrie Miller and William Evans
Alan, a district area director, is only ten minutes in to a Professional Learning session he’s facilitating, and he is already disappointed. What he devised as an engaging learning opportunity…

School Improvement Is Possible with Existing Staff

January 31, 2019| Athena Nadeau and Jessica Vidal
When schools are identified as underperforming, the inclination can sometimes be to remove staff or, in extreme cases, close a…

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Engage Reluctant Learners

January 23, 2019| William Evans and Magda Tsagaris
A cinematic depiction of education, which is almost universally loved is The Dead Poet’s Society. It is difficult to forget…

Partner Spotlight: Becki Monson, Bacchus Elementary School Principal

November 27, 2018| Athena Nadeau
Located in Kearns, Utah, Thomas W. Bacchus Elementary School serves a racially and economically diverse student population of approximately 400…

Ed Direction Selected by Illinois State Board of Education as a Learning Partner

November 15, 2018| Hollie Pettersson
Ed Direction is proud to announce its selection by the Illinois State Board of Education as a Learning Partner. Ed…

High-Stakes School Transformation: 6 Keys to Producing Real Results

May 30, 2018| Mavis Snelson and Jessica Vidal
It happens all the time: A historically successful organization begins to falter, whether financially—like Ford Motor Company in 2006—or culturally,…

Ed Direction Featured in Field Trip Podcast by Frontline Education

May 24, 2018| eddirection
Earlier this month, Ed Direction’s Co-Practice Lead Dr. Hollie Pettersson joined Frontline Education’s Field Trip podcast to discuss the story…

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Jo Ellen Shaeffer

April 6, 2018| Dallin McKinnon
Dr. Jo Ellen Shaeffer is the former Director of Assessment and Accountability for the Utah State Board of Education and…

Leading the Way: Native American-Led School Transformation

March 13, 2018| Carrie Miller, Athena Nadeau and Kimberly Dee
Given troubling national trends around the quality of education provided to Native American students, it’s clear a fundamental shift is…
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